Facts that make us
who we are

Brian DeLano has been with the company for 40 years

At the 50th anniversary celebration of Weiss Sheet Metal, Brian was presented with a cake celebrating 40 years of service to Weiss! He shared the celebration with his family and the attendees of the Weiss 50th anniversary Party. To see a slide show of the festivities, click here.

What $10,000 will buy

Brothers George and Ralph DeLano, purchased Weiss Sheet Metal in 1965 for a price of $10,000 dollars. Eventually they turned over Weiss to their sons Wayne and Brian who have expanded the company.

The Red Sox and the Yankees

Perhaps one of the only companies that has bridged the chasm between the Yankees and the Red Sox, Weiss Sheet Metal has done custom fabrication for both. To check out the slide show of their work, click here.

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For over 50 Years, Weiss Sheet metal has provided a wide variety of metal products. We fabricate architectural and ornamental building products, facial panels, window flashing, roof copings and all miscellaneous products associated with this industry.

We are also a custom job shop, fabricating stainless steel #304 and #316 grades for restaurant, laboratories, residential counters and sinks, food processing equipment, and so much more!

Economical - Precise - On Time!

We could not do it without the experienced employees who work at Weiss.


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