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Spanning More Than Half A Century

About Weiss Sheet Metal, Inc.

With roots spanning back to 1934, Weiss Sheet Metal, Inc. knows a thing or two about how to satisfy customers with quality products and stunning results. We provide stainless steel custom fabrication services to individuals and businesses in and around Avon, MA, New England and surrounding states. We carry a wide variety of products to meet each client’s unique needs and taste. Whether you need one item fabricated, or 1,000 items fabricated, we are up for the challenge!

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Circa 1968
Circa 2000

What Sets Us Apart?

  • Upon-request shop drawings in Solidworks
  • Laser and water jet cutting
  • In-house capabilities to shear and bend 12’ sheets
  • Cutting-edge technology to ensure precision and perfection
  • Our master craftsmen have perfected the butt welding and polishing of flat sheets so the weld is invisible when complete
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Custom fabrication is our bread and butter. Our team is ready to take on your next project! Contact us at 508-583-8300 today!

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