When Post Road Iron Works was given the task of supplying, fabricating and installing metal in the new Yankee Stadium, they looked to Weiss Sheet Metal to supply fabricated stainless steel railings, drink rails and trim. Weiss and Post Road Iron Works have had the opportunity to work together many times during the past 12 years, but never with such a large order of material, or under such tight schedules. There was no room for delay, the baseball season had it's starting date which we had to meet.

Over a 3 month period of time, the Weiss team of mechanics, welders and finishers fabricated the stainless steel drink rails. They met required dates with superior quality workmanship and made continuous shipments so the rails delivered exactly when they were needed. Each custom, private suite in the stadium had one or two drink rails, built in different lengths, for each unique layout. Built with sturdy 2" x 10" legs and 6" x 3" horizontal cross members, the tubular steel drink rails were capped with 1/4" stainless top and prepared for a granite counter top supplied by others. Earning the respect of Post Road Iron Works for their quality and on time delivery, Weiss was then given the job to fabricate the interior stainless railing throughout most of the stadium.yankee stadium

Six days a week, and 10 to 12 hours a day became the grueling metal fabrication schedule at Weiss. Working with Sal Barresi at Post Road Iron Works, materials were driven overnight and delivered on-site at 5:00 to 6:00 a.m. daily. Turner Construction and the Yankee Stadium Management team presided over the entire project.

And the happy ending to our story? The stadium was completed on time and the Yankees went on to win the World Series (OK, for us Red Sox fans, that was not exactly the happy ending we had in mind, but the stadium sure looks terrific!)

Weiss Lead Fabricator for Drink Rails:
John Mueller

Weiss Lead Fabricator for Railings:
Angelo Luongo

Weiss Lead Engineer:
Al Quieto

Slide Show of Weiss Products in Yankee Stadium

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