An American Success Story . . .

The company known as Weiss was started, like so many American dreams, by a couple of immigrants. Coming from Russia and Bulgaria, they were blind to the fact that it was 1934 and the middle of the Great Depression!

George DeLano (far right) went to work for the Weiss company in 1947 when he was only 16. George originally worked putting the electrical parts together for the washer, but quickly took on metal working. Called to duty for service to his country in 1950, he returned to Weiss 4 years later, and continued his education in the metal working field, working with Weiss through ups and downs, good times and bad. In 1962 Weiss was up for sale, and George was an eager buyer.

His brother, Ralph DeLano (right), forged his early career in a machine shop, eventually working his way up to foreman. He hated the pull he felt between management and union, so when George asked him to join as partners in buying out Weiss, he jumped at the opportunity. By today's standards, it was a steal, only $10,000, but that was a lot of money in 1962.

Both mortgaged their houses and borrowed money from their folks to make their dream a reality.

George had told his customers that he was going to buy the business, and didn't loose one customer in the transfer. George and Ralph kept the name, Weiss, from the former owner because it was a well known name at the time. Both now had families to support, and they were looking for a better life for all of them.

In 1980, they had the opportunity to build in a new industrial park in Avon and moved into their new facility at 210 Bodwell (right).

George's son, Wayne DeLano, and Ralph's son, Brian DeLano, joined Weiss as apprentices. As George and Ralph tell the story, "They were both under paid to start!" As the business expanded Brian and Wayne developed new customer networks and eventually, they became full partners.

One last move completes the story. Like many other things from the 80's, it was time to move on. Weiss had outgrown their plant and desperately needed larger facilities. After massive restoration and additions, the new facility at 105 Bodwell was ready for occupation at the start of the new millennium, 2000. That's where you'll find Weiss Sheet Metal today.

In the past, Ralph was there to explain, "Many customers don't ask for a quote. They know we deliver a Class A Project and that's what they want."

You'll find the same Class A Projects are being delivered today at Weiss. We invite you to stop into our fabrication plant. Wayne and Brian are there to meet with you and explain how they can tackle your project to make it attractive and profitable for you.