Weiss Customers Say the Nicest Things!

Special Tub for Maggie!

Mr. Wayne Delano
Weiss Sheet Metal
210 Bodwell St.
Avon, MA 02332

Dear Wayne,

We want to thank you and those of your employees who helped make the special tub for Maggie's bathroom. Maggie has now had several baths in it and it works great. It is exactly what was needed. She will enjoy the tub for as long as she fits in it (maybe two more years) and then be wheeled into the new shower area. That will not end the usefulness of the tub you all so skillfully constructed. We will pass it on to another family with similar circumstances.

Raising a severely disabled child is a challenge. Everyday living is made complex by the fragile nature of Maggie's hold on life, but we are blessed every day by Maggie's strength, determination and good nature. Through her we see that each of us has the strength and ability to make a difference in the world.

As she has at other times and in other places, this little girl with a broken body has reached out and touched more lives - ours for many years and now yours. Her needs brought us to you in what many may think was a project to allow us to bathe her. It was that, but its impact is much greater. You see, beyond the practical benefits to us, other families with disabled children will visit our home and get ideas for better ways to keep their sick and disabled children at home in more comfort and safety. In addition, the sacrifice of your time and your company's resources to making the tub renewed once again in our hearts the goodness of people.

Through word of mouth and the Mansfield News article about the project, many will say to themselves, "Wasn't that 1tice. Maybe I could sacrifice a little. Maybe I could do something for someone else." We do not exaggerate when we tell you that what this project did for Maggie and us will create many more good acts far into the future just as the flapping of a butterfly's wings in the forests of South America will reverberate and maybe one day
result in a mighty hurricane.

As you may have read in the Mansfield News Article, we are fond of a
saying that goes: "One hundred years from now it will not matter what your battle account was, the sort of house you lived in, or the kind of car you drove ... but the world may be different because you were important in the life of a CHILD." You and the employees of Weiss Sheet Metal have made a difference in Maggie's life and ours through your kindness, skill and sacrifice. We are forever grateful.

Dan, Colleen and Maggie Gallagher


"I am very happy with the whole process . . ."

Testimonial from: Lana Doherty

What can I say working with Wayne DeLano from Weiss Sheet Metal was a great experience and the outcome speaks for itself . . . from all our conversations on the phone going over sizes and costs, to finally going to his factory and meeting all his wonderful employees, Wayne took the time to give me a tour, explained the processes to me, pulled out one sink after another to make sure I was happy.. with my choices for the sink, legs, thickness of counter top . . . I Love this stainless steel island and everyone who sees it loves it also.

I would and will recommend Weiss Sheet Metal to everyone . . . I am very happy with the whole process of ultimate professionalism and the end product speaks for itself

Thank you Wayne for all your attention to detail and for all your staff who made it possible for me to have my BEAUTIFUL KITCHEN....

In Appreciation




"It is difficult to find craftsmen in this day and age"

I have renovated three properties over the last 12 years. This is the third kitchen I have remodeled. As you could imagine there were many different contractors and supply houses during the various under-takings. Through all the projects I have never had as seamless of a process as the Stainless steel counter I purchased from Weiss sheet metal. I ordered a complete hand fabricated custom counter. Wayne even allowed us to pick the sink depth. We have had nothing but compliments from our friends and relatives. It is beautiful! It is difficult to find craftsman in this day and age. It is also difficult to find a company that has good customer service. Wayne spent a great deal of time with us and covered every aspect of the design. The installation went smoothly and there were absolutely no hiccups along the way. I would recommend Weiss sheet metal to anyone who wants Stainless in their house. It’s different cleans easily and is aesthetically pleasing.
Chris Heinis MD

What my husband did not put in his review is that his wife LOVES the stainless steel counter. I wish that we did the whole kitchen instead of just half of it. I cook a lot. It is beautiful to have as a preparation surface. Nothing leaks on the floor. Cleanup is easy, everything is swept into the sink. The sink is the perfect size for all of my large pans and trays without being too big and wasting water. I love that there is no rim around the sink for germs to hide in. The counter does not look industrial at all but when I have guests over it is easy to convert my home kitchen into a more professional style kitchen. When I am done cooking it is shiny and beautifully clean again.
Thank you!
Kim Heinis